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Why Our Colon Cleanser

Why Target Long-term Waste with Colonblow Colon Cleanser?poop-coach-balloon1.gif

We like to illustrate it this way. Imagine taking a straw, dipping it in melted butter and extracting it, allowing the butter to harden. Then repeat that step over and over again. After awhile, if you looked through the inside of that straw, over time, it would become more and more constricted by the build-up of layers. In a similar way, the same could be happening to our colon.

It Makes Sense!

Over time, the build up of the mucus the body naturally produces and our own waste can result in the same constriction or limitation. If that makes sense to you, now think about how many meals you eat in a day, probably 3+ including snacks, and compare that to the number of releases ( a nice way of saying really good poops) in the same day. Good questions isn't it. Some of us go maybe once a day or less. So do the math, 3+ meals a day and one release or less in the same day. That unaccounted for balance is what we like to call long-term waste.

Improved colon health may help address some of the following, just to mention a few:

  • Headaches
  • Sinus pressure
  • Fatigue, Lethargy
  • Potbelly
  • Prolonged constipation
  • Weight loss (or in many cases, WASTE loss)

Some have experienced very exceptional results after working through a Colonblow 3-Pack on the 10 day format.

Like Harold from Atlanta, who lost 15 pounds during the course of his Colonblow 3-Pack.  When asked what diet was the secret to his weight loss, Harold had to confess, "I'm not on a diet... I used Colonblow and I feel great."

We will be the first to admit that Harold's experience is both unique and exceptional in the way of his individual results.  Each person is different and their results will vary.  However, as tens of thousands have experienced, the proof is in the poop! 

So, this isn't where we show you a picture of someone else's shapely torso.

The reason?  After you take the initiative to proactively target long term waste with Colonblow, you are still going to be you, not someone else.  How an effective colon cleanse can make you feel and look will only be experienced by you.

We like to think about it this way.  If you have a full glass of water, any amount that you add to the glass spills over.  The glass no longer has any 'tolerance' or capacity to deal with more.  In a similar way, the toxins that can build up over time due to long term waste can have the same effect.  Any more toxins or even types of food that our body cannot handle that are added in the regular course of our diet can cause the same reaction.  In some ways, this can be likened to an allergic reaction of sorts.  With your bodies threshold of tolerance being exceeded by what is in our diet, our body responds with certain systemic problems.  Low energy, restless sleep, constipation, sinus problems, bad skin, weight gain, and the list goes on.  However, when that threshold can be impacted positively by targeting long-terms waste with Colonblow, it may be possible to help change or adjust our body's level of tolerance in some or all of these areas for the better, providing relief.  Essentially, some or much of the contents of the glass can be emptied so that the next time something is added, instead of spilling over, thereby causing problems, what is added is contained or tolerated.  Again, if that makes sense to you think about how a Colonblow all natural colon cleanse can positively impact you.

Why just colon cleanse when you can Colonblow?

Good colon health has been attributed to many areas of general health improvement.