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Colonblow... the process.

Colonblow works like this. In 24 hours, your body is given the opportunity to expel months, even years of 'sludge' that stays impacted in your colon.  Suggested use for best results, take Colonblow as a dietary supplement for 3 meals, that's it. 

So, for example, have Colonblow for : 

1.) dinner tonight 
2.) breakfast tomorrow 
3.) lunch tomorrow 

(Or any combination of the 3 that works well for you) 


This graphic explains the Colonblow process

Taking in no solid food during that time allows Colonblow to do what it does best.  

Suggested use, but you know yourself, some folks just can't go 24 hours without eating and have found success with maybe a Powerbar at meal time or their favorite oatmeal, plain of course)

Consider your options:

Scenario A. (Aggressive)*

Take Colonblow as suggested.


Scenario B. (Balanced)*

Take Colonblow as suggested while having 'light' meals during your Colonblow.


Scenario C. (Chicken)*

Take Colonblow as suggested while not modifying your diet at all.


*Results will vary.  Especially based on your individual diet before, during, and after your Colonblow.

This '3 meal' time-frame gives your body an opportunity to pass all solids so Colonblow can, well... Colonblow. 

During your Colonblow, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, as much liquid/water as you can stand. Remember, water is the universal solvent. Some folks have also found great success with apple or grape juice. Juice may also help from getting too hungry. 

You will be surprised, if not mortified, when you see what your body may rid itself of. This is where you have to insert your own humor, laugh a little.  I strongly encourage you to examine your own stool, you will have many opportunities, trust me. Most folks have described the final stage waste as 'rope-like'.  Yep, that's right. When you see this type of waste, success! 

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NOTICE:  Colonblow, Inc. makes no medical claims and offers no advice regarding healthcare. As with all changes in your diet, always consult your doctor.


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