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Poop Pics - Must See!

Target and Eliminate Long-Term Waste

The following poop pics are results of the SAME release. This was the final release experienced approximately 40 hours from the start of this Colonblow. Then this release arrived.

Notice the density and texture. This nicely signifies the elimination of long-term waste. There were four previous releases making up about three-plus pounds of waste. Nearly two feet of 'rope'. This is the good stuff. FYI... it didn't fall apart when extracted from the commode.

Extremely dense fecal matter can make a dyn-o-mite environment for the accumulation of harmful toxins. Putrefying fecal matter can result in many negative health effects. Icky.

Promote colon health and see what you can release when you use a Colonblow 3-Pack colon cleanse kit three times 10 days apart.




This is my first time using your ColonBlow product. Here is my current bowel status: Have releases about 2 times per week. Job is sedentary (Computer Architect). Main diet is mostly non-meat, however, too much sugar (Ice Cream), and too much carbs. Rarely eat Fruit or Veggies (shame!). No exercise at all. (gee, this isn't very easy to write). Also, have returned from Australia having been there 8 years, and eating heaps of meat which I wasn't used to. 

Okay. The 1-pack arrived a couple days ago and the lady said, "what's with the hidden sender eh? must be condoms." I had my first laugh. This was at 5PM Tuesday.

Took my 1st dose of powder and capsules at 5:15PM. A bit difficult getting the powder down, as it gelled on me. Didn't have much luck keeping the capsules down either, however, took a 10-minute walk to stay upright, and the capsules stayed in! Yippee!

Continued with dose #2 the next morning, Wednesday, at 7:30AM. This time, split the powder into 2: placed half of it in a glass of water of about 250ml. Drank both. Followed with the capsules. By the way, thank you for putting peppermint into the powder! Tasty! 

Went off to work. No releases yet. Also continued to eat no food at all, drinking only water. Whenever any hunger pains hit, took deep breaths and drank more water.

Finished the cycle with dose #3 at 12:15PM. No releases yet. Continued to eat no food, and arrived home around 5:30PM on Wednesday. Was extra hungry. Hadn't been hungry for about 3 years. You know, that hunger where you could eat almost anything! Fixed up 3 burritos of beans (I made the beans from Pinto beans, Onions, Garlic, Salt, with Cumin, Oregano, and Basil), lettuce, tomatoes, dash of fresh garlic, and cheddar cheese. Did I mention I'm an almost-vegetarian? 

That evening, noticed a fairly uncomfortable headache and lots of pressure in the bowel region. Have suffered from extremely sharp headaches in the past 2 months. Also, just 1 week ago, was dizzy and nauseated. This I know from under-elimination. Because I haven't eaten Fruit or Veggies regularly for over 3 years.

This morning. Thursday, 25th June. Had the first release in the morning. Yowser! Had a bit of a laugh. Saw numerous flecks of white particles in "El Poopo." It was also a green colour. What's up with that? Anyhow, went off to work. Still feeling a lot of pressure in the bowel area. Decided to get a Coffee thinking it would assist. Got a large "Americano" coffee with non-fat milk and 3 raw sugars. Drank that down. Had a release within minutes. Goodness! This one is to be called "El Grande Poopo" as I think it filled almost the bowl! Disgusting! But hey what a laugh! Should have photographed "El Grande," for in and amongst the solids were a few seaweed bulbs. You ever been in the ocean? Sometimes the seaweed has bulbous tan-coloured things. Saw a few of these, small, maybe 1 centimeter in length and 10mm wide. I hope this isn't what I think it is. Parasites? Yikes!!

My next step: buy a 3-pack of Colon Blow and get the rest of the matter out!!!

Thanks heaps for this "trial" Colon Blow, and "El Grande" is on his way to the sea.


C. from Nevada


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