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Colon Cleansing Timeline

Colon Cleansing Timeline—When Do I Use Colonblow?

Colonblow...the colon cleansing process.

Colonblow colon cleaning works like this... in 24 hours, your body is given the opportunity to expel months, even years of 'sludge' that stays impacted in your colon. Suggested use for best results, take Colonblow as a dietary supplement for 3 meals. That's it!

Lets say you were going to start your Colonblow today.  You would start with your evening meal time, perhaps 5:00 PM.  That would be your first serving.  The the next day at your breakfast meal time (let's say 7:00 AM) would be your second serving.  Then noon that day, or your middle of the day meal time, would be your third and final serving.  Three consecutive meal time servings constitutes one complete Colonblow. The Colonblow 3-Pack would allow you to repeat this colon cleansing process three times, about ten days apart. Most will follow one of two result paths when following the Ten Day Format:  Ascender or Descender.  Ascenders tend to see their results build as they work through the 3-Pack, while Descenders may realize more dramatic results the first time, then see their results decrease as they work through a 3-Pack.  Releases may mirror your current release habits, whether delayed or more active.  After your first Colonblow 3-Pack, future Colonblows may be spaced every 30-60 days as your schedule permits.

So, for example, have Colonblow for :

  1. Dinner tonight
  2. Breakfast tomorrow
  3. Lunch tomorrow

(Or any combination of the 3 that works well for you)

Taking in no solid food during that time allows Colonblow to do what it does best. This is Scenario A.

Some folks just can't go 24 hours without eating and have found success with maybe a Powerbar or plain oatmeal at meal time.  This would be Scenario B.

If this is your first introduction to Colonblow, use the Colonblow 3-Pack three times 10 days apart for best results.  Thereafter, use Colonblow every 30-60 days to best promote long-term colon health. Here's how:


Consider your options:

Scenario A. (Aggressive)*

Take Colonblow as suggested.

Scenario B.(Balanced)*

Take Colonblow as suggested while having 'light' meals during your Colonblow.

Scenario C. (Chicken)*

Take Colonblow as suggested while not modifying your diet at all.

*Results will vary based on your individual diet before, during, and after your Colonblow.

This '3 meal' time-frame gives your body an opportunity to pass all solids so Colonblow can, well... Colonblow.

Remember, you know your body best.  Start with the Scenario that makes the most sense for you and work toward the A Scenario if you can.  Starting your first Colonblow when you have a comfort level regarding your schedule is a good idea.  Most tend to start their first Colonblow when the don't have to work the next day.  Then they can see how the product and process works for them, they know what to expect.  Thereafter, you may even be able to work Colonblow into your normal schedule. 

During your Colonblow, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, as much liquid/water as you can stand. Remember, water is the universal solvent. Again, think about your situation and what will help you have the best possible results. You know you best so only you know how your body and other external factors may need to be taken into consideration. Some folks have also found great success with apple or grape juice. Juice may also help you from getting too hungry. 

You will be surprised, if not mortified, when you see what your body may rid itself of. This is where you have to insert your own humor, laugh a little. I strongly encourage you to examine your own stool, you will have many opportunities, trust me. Most folks have described the final stage waste as 'rope-like'. Yep, that's right. When you see this type of waste, success!  For best results, Colonblow three times 10 days apart.

Get started with Colonblow right away! Purchase your Colonblow 3-Pack online now!