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About Us

The Colonblow Story

It all started about 1994 when our founder, Matthew Gardner, wanted to do something proactive about his health.

"I was an ordinary guy who was tired of battling allergies. I started noticing how what I ate affected how I felt. Both reason and research told me the body's threshold of tolerance could be lowered if we could get the waste of of there. My buddies and I started colon cleansing, and we felt better... with more energy. My allergies became less of a problem. So I started developing this product, quit my day job, and today Colonblow is used by thousands around the world. We have tons of repeat customers."

Matthew A. Gardner, Colonblow Founder

Well, that is how it all started, but now, looking back at the decades of combined experience my wife Brit and I have in the nutritional supplement business, we feel like that statement doesn't quite tell the whole story.

The rest of the Colonblow story...

family2.jpgSee, we have family backgrounds that are not unique.  Our families have struggled in many ways with life long problems that others experience too.  Our family's struggles include obesity, high blood pressure, poor eating habits, and even heart attacks.  That's right, heart attacks.  That event may be the singular event more than any other that prompted the launch of Colonblow.  After my dad had 2 heart attacks in 1998, our family experienced the set backs that we could only observe and try to imagine in others until we experienced it for ourselves.  Since Colonblow had only been a concept and enthusiast project before that event, it seemed like a great time to do something.

So we did.  Colonblow was born in very humble beginnings.  It became a way for us to address our own health concerns and those of our family.  To think about our own family history and see what we could do not to repeat it.  Proactive rather than reactive.  Diet changes, exercise changes, habit changes, changes, changes, changes.  Starting a small business and then shortly thereafter feeling the wind knocked out of us by the events of 9/11 made us reassess.  While we were a small internet enterprise based in Wisconsin, it really made us stop and think not about what is important, but who is important.  We adopted a 'Family First Policy'.  Whatever we did for a living had to be weighed with whether it allowed us to put our family first.  That had to be the case for us and those who we employed.  So we started a business and soon after, a family.  Our son, Finn, became 'Heir to the Throne' and Brit and I did all we could to work from home as much as possible.  Family First.

We moved the family and Colonblow, Inc. to Florida in 2005.  Now Finn has a sister, Matilda.  In a family business, you tend to work 7 days a week and your kids are a big part of your work family as well.  As our business has grown, so has our family, but our policy is still the same.

The good news, my dad recovered as well as anyone who just suffered two heart attacks could hope to.  Yet, no one stays out of the woods.  Some 10 years later, he had to have emergency quadruple bypass surgery in November of 2007.  Again, he is doing as well as could be expected and better.  So it seems that we have yet another event to remind us why we started Colonblow in the first place.  To do something positive.  To be proactive, not reactive.  To think about who is important, not what.

So have we succeeded?

Well a few weeks ago late on a Saturday afternoon, after completing our normal Saturday morning family routine, Finn was sitting along side me at work.  In Order Processing to be more precise.  Of course his work looked a little different than mine.  His was mostly Legos, cutting paper, some tape, and his ever present Superman cape.  In a family owned business, who else would have to come in on a Saturday to help process orders other than the Poop Coach and 'Heir to the Throne'.  With no real conversation taking place and without looking up, Finn asked me thoughtfully, "Papa, why do you sell Colonblow?"  Pleasantly surprised at the spontaneous conversation he initiated and a 6 year olds question that I knew the answer to, I replied, 'Well, I thought if it could help me to feel better, maybe it could help other people too.'  Still not looking up, he entertained the answer for a moment and said, "Oh... O.K.  I get it."

Talk about success!  How cool is that.  My 6 year old son gets it.  I felt like this was as good as it gets, my son gets me.  The simplicity of what we wanted to achieve was shining through.  We were spending the kind of time that we wanted with our kids and that made us feel fortunate that we still had our parents and siblings.  Our families still work hard to make progress toward better health.   We're all from the Midwest after all, where brats, cheese, and beer are part of the food pyramid.

We started as a small company with a big idea, lots of passion, and a great product.  So Brit and I would have to say that our Family First Policy is paying off big time.  And business is O.K. too.

Helping You "GO" Since 1999

Colonblow, Inc. has been helping people target long-term waste online since 1999. Colon detox is important for the health of your colon.

Colon Cleanse Review

Colonblow is listed in the Top Ten Colon Cleansers by Natural Healing Today review.

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