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Colonblow - 10 year anniversary of colon cleansing

Colonblow has been helping people target long-term waste online since 1999

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Level 1 - Colonblow 3-Pack

Colonblow 3-Pack Colon Cleanse

ColonBlow 3-Pack, all natural colon cleanse kit, contains three complete Colonblows. If it is your first time using colon cleansing with ColonBlow, use the ColonBlow 3-Pack with the 10-Day format for best results. ColonBlow three times 10 days apart... it's that simple and effective.

All Natural Colon Cleanse in Just 24-Hours

Introduction to colon cleansing and regular maintenance

A ColonBlow 3-Pack can help you target long-term waste in just 24 hours. When it comes to colon cleansing, ColonBlow is fast and effective. Make good use of your time and your money. Find out for yourself why so many are choosing ColonBlow for their colon cleanse needs. Buy now and get FREE SHIPPING.

Colonblow 3-Pack Colon Cleanse - $32.95 - Learn More

Colonblow 3-Pack Colon Cleanse Kit ALPHA Combo

Colonblow 3-Pack Colon Cleanse Kit ALPHA Combo

Colon cleanse and create a more robust digestion and release cycle with our herbal acidophilus.

The proof is in the poop! See for yourself how a Colonblow ALPHA Combo, used three times 10 days apart can promote weight loss, flatten your tummy, and boost energy. Now that is a colon cleanse with a purpose. Our Yahoo! online store gives you the shopping security you want. All orders shipped DISCREETLY!

Colonblow 3-Pack Colon Cleanse Kit ALPHA Combo - $49.95 - Learn More

Forti-Five Complete. All 5 components. You save $23.80!

Forti-Five Complete

Complete supplementation when it matters most, after completing a Colonblow 3-Pack

First colon cleanse then Forti-Five! Don't guess at what your body needs to stay strong, use each component of Forti-Five for what your body needs.

Forti-Five Complete - $99.95 - Learn More

Colonblow the All Natural Colon Cleansing Kit

Colonblow is the all natural colon cleanse product and process designed to help an individual target and eliminate long term waste, the icky stuff. The Colonblow colon cleanse kit is both capsules and powder that work together for an effective one-two punch, a real full body detox. Don't tolerate the build up of toxins and dense fecal matter. Colonblow is lab-formulated to help promote good colon health.  Feel the benefits for yourself.  Lose weight... a flatter tummy... more energy. Learn More About Colon Cleansing...

Everyone likes a great testimonial!

Read some of our great testimonials and see why our customers think poopin' is cool!

"Thanks heaps for this 'trial' Colon Blow, and 'El Grande' is on his way to the sea." More testimonials

"I'm pooping everything out save Ford pickup trucks. What a product." More testimonials

Colonblow colon cleanse

Colon Cancer is Second Only to Lung Cancer

Not concerned about colon health? "Not for me", you say... "I am healthy as a horse", you say... "I exercise and eat right", you say... Colonblow all natural colon cleanse is still for you!

What Are the Benefits For Me?

Improved colon health may address many health related issues. An effective colon cleanse may help you:

  • Lose Weight
  • Have a Flatter Tummy
  • Gain More Energy
  • Address Prolonged Constipation, maybe even clearer skin!
  • And the list goes on...

Why just colon cleanse when you can detox with Colonblow?
Learn More About Colon Cleanse Facts...


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Yes, other folks are willing to admit they've talked with us on TV, radio, and more! We have a real 'blast' with radio shows (pun intended). Listen to what happens, for example, when poop enthusiasts, Drew & Mike, invite Poop Coach and Colonblow founder, Matthew Gardner on the show to talk about the benefits and mishaps of good release habits and a common sense approach to better colon health.  (or proper poopin! as we like to call it)
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Colonblow Testimonials - colon cleansers

"Colonblow was well worth the cost. My husband and I feel so much better now! The service was excellent, the web site was entertaining. All in all it was a great transaction, thank you!"

Read a few candid testimonials and general comments and see how Colonblow made believers out of more than a few colon cleanse skeptics.
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